Loyalty and Membership Cards

Membership cards can be used for a wide variety of organisations, including gyms, video stores and sports clubs. Personalised Membership cards are a great way to build loyalty whilst promoting your organisation.

Create a package for your members that offer special privileges to card holders. Use the cards to hold member information, or add a photo to your membership cards to control access to facilities or other priviliges.

Card Types and Information

New Zealand Security Cards can offer various types of cards with different capabilities. We are more than happy to help you find the right card type for your organisation.

Plain Cards

This is a plain white PVC card, with no extra capabilites. Perfect for membership cards, or a simple identification card.

Coloured Cards

We have available several different coloured PVC cards, which are great for adding some flair to your cards.

Metallic Cards

Gold, Silver, Copper metallic cards are available, giving your cards that extra sparkle!

Magnetic Stripe Cards

Perfect for adding an ID number or information to a card for access facilites

Signature Stripe

Proximity, Mifare Cards

With an integrated chip to provide secure storage of identity information.